Welcome to the Fantastical ‘Small Worlds’ of Artist and Storyteller Tee Bylo…

If the author of the enchanting tale of Peter Pan is to be believed then Sir James Matthew Barrie will no doubt be reassured to discover that there is at least one faery who can be found skipping about within the stone walls surrounding the ancient City of York – although at first glance, she may be mistaken for just another conventional human – appearances can be deceptive!

Wonderful work by a VERY talented artist! Her ability to recreate a world in 12th scale is both incredible and a pleasure to look at! Keep up the brilliant work!

Scottie H

A vampire slayer shop, all manner of tiny bottles of strange potions, witches, goblins and the like… What’s NOT to love about the world of the Crooked Hen? A fantastical feast for the eyes….

Nick B