A Pinch of Herb or Werewolf Fur?

You’ve probably read somewhere or seen it on television that the best way to be free of a vampyre would be to arm oneself with a crucifix and a large bottle of Holy Water or if you are of a very brave disposition; you could get rid of this fiend by driving a stake through it’s rotten heart before chopping off the head and then having a nice bonfire with what remains. But did you know that there are many different ways of seeing off a vampyre?

‘Cause It’s Kind Of UNKind Witchcraft!

For here inside the Harum Scarum Emporium which is carefully shielded by the prickliest thorn bushes and whispering trees in the bleakest part of the hamlet and with no fabulous frock to wear or a sumptuous banquet to enjoy - the reclusive and unfriendly crone Claire Eno is busy pottering about and cooking up some rather unusual elixr...

Stirring Up More Trouble!

As the sun disappears on this All Hallows Eve - the folk from the All Hallows Hamlet are excitedly polishing shoes and dusting their finest hats as they dress to impress to celebrate the Festival of Samhain BUT not everyone wants to enjoy this special evening!

Into the Forest? Let’s Go!

I love this quote from John Muir: "And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul" and one rainy evening when my imagination was captured by the idea of an Irish elf with his rickety barrow selling his magickal notions and potions in a forest clearing - I just had to create this scene in 12th scale for the All Hallows Hamlet...

If You Go Down to Tee’s Garden Today?

Although Tilly Simms has had plenty of time in which to enjoy a little private time in her new home - I have been very busy with the preparations for her first retail foray at the All Hallows Hamlet although it hasn't been quite the shopping trip she had imagined...