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In Need Of Some Retail Therapy Vampyre?

For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed a fascination with (and a sneaky regard!) for these undead creatures of folklore and mythology.

However, as much as I appreciate that this interest of mine will not be shared by everybody and so in keeping with the ideas of ‘mischief’ and the ‘incomprehensible’ that Scoffern has attributed to the Vampyre – I have created something of a fantastical store which seeks to offer those essential accoutrements for any discerning hunter or slayer of the undead…

That’s ONE Crooked Hen!

Be reassured that there is at LEAST one faery who can be found skipping about within the stone walls surrounding the ancient City of York AND although at first glance, she may be mistaken for just another conventional human – appearances can be deceptive!